The End of Jewish Modernity: Book Review | Foreign Policy Journal

Its [Israel’s] fate will then fatally follow that of South Africa under apartheid, and in the long run, neither the Bible nor the atom bomb will manage to save it…. Israel put an end to Jewish modernity. Diaspora Judaism had been the critical conscience of the Western world; Israel survives as one of its mechanisms of domination.

Source: The End of Jewish Modernity: Book Review | Foreign Policy Journal

Socialism and the White House | Michael Roberts Blog

What is strange and rather amusing is that the White House advisers to Trump deem it necessary to explain to Americans the failures of ‘socialism’ in 2018. But when you delve into the report, it becomes clear that what is worrying the Trumpists is not ‘socialism’, but the policies of left Democrat Bernie Sanders for higher taxes on the rich 1% and the increased popularity of a ‘single-payer’ national health service for all. The popularity of these policies threatens the Republican majority in Congress and also the wealth and income of big pharma corporations and Trump’s billionaire supporters.

Source: Socialism and the White House | Michael Roberts Blog

Truther movement manipulated by isreali covert action???

We have been strong defenders of the 9/11 conspiracy false-flag literature only find from reading this book that the truther movement got turned by the israelis (mossad) into a false flag op turning attention away from israel’s place in the twin towers atrocity…
Page 391, Location 6466, of this kindle book