marx’s flawed theories…//Are Marx’s ‘Capital’ and Althusser’s ‘Reading Capital’ Still Relevant Today? | Public Seminar

Virtually all marxists have been confused by Capital…Best to leave it behind at this point. We are postmarxist ‘marxists’ here: we have been critical of the marx corpus but have sugggested taking marx/engels historically as a core heroic sage, wary of the theories of marx that don’t really work and which are misleading the left.

Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly

Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly January 29th, 2018 Two Manifestos The left has tied its head knots with theory, theory that doesn’t really work, but which has turned into a kind of dogma. The whole question of socialism has been frozen in place in terms of a legacy that was too complicated, confusing, and poorly … Continue reading Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly