Beyond pseudo-democracy…at the ‘end of history’

Beyond pseudo-democracy…at the ‘end of history’
February 10th, 2018
One of the great ironies of the ‘end of history’ debate is that if we take its thesis seriously the directionality of history so proclaimed by Fukuyama will move beyond the pseudo-democracy of liberal capitalism to ‘real democracy’. We see not one but two failures in this directional framework: the failure of bolshevism and now the apparent failure of the kind of fake democracy we see in the US. And the system under these terms will move inexorably to try and create a new and higher freedom as democracy.
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Once and future modernity

Once and future modernity
February 3rd, 2018
We have reposted material from yesterday below the cutoff. At a time of leftist discombobulation it is important to get one’s bearings with a simple and practical version of historical dynamism that can animate a postmarxist generation. Our eonic model can do that but it is perhaps too strange at first to be taken seriously.
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Addressing the speciation mess: View species as models? | Uncommon Descent

The abstract of a new paper, “Species as Models” by Jun Otsuka of Kyoto University (PhilSci Archive, 2018): This paper argues that biological species should be construed as abstract models, rather than biological or even tangible entities. Various (phenetic, cladistic, biological etc.) species conce

Source: Addressing the speciation mess: View species as models? | Uncommon Descent