Red Forty-eight Group (R48G): The logic of (r)evolution…

Alexanderplatz Berlin 1848

The logic of (r)evolution…
February 2nd, 2018

We have made a number of dialectical feints back and forth between evolutionary and revolutionary perspectives but overall our task here seems to be advocating from the sidelines the discipline of truly revolutionary activism. The sidelines is not really OK, but it is still something. It could be cowardly, but maybe not.
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Confronting the riddle of world history

Confronting the riddle of world history
January 13th, 2018 •
After all the debate and discussion from the left the stark reality remains that marxist views of history suffer from a flawed foundation in economic fundamentalism. A far broader view is needed that can handle the places of values, the question of free will (or free agency), questions of art, religion, and philosophy. The original perspectives were too narrow and too reductionist after the style of emerging scientism/positivism. We don’t really need a ‘science’ of history, an invitation to fallacy, so much as a simple map or chronicle done empirically as a backdrop for a value-based account of a futurist project (of socialism/communism). Continue reading Confronting the riddle of world history