Our DMNC model could run GM far better than the capitalist idiots current…//Socialize General Motors

The reality of capitalist corporations has turned into their incompetent inability do ‘capitalism’ at all well…Our DMNC could solve the problems of GM in a week.
General Motors is laying off workers. How about we fire the managers instead?

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 A new socialism

The legacy of bolshevism has made life difficult for ‘socialists’. And the attempts to coopt the terms for social democratic content doesn’t help either.
We have redefined terms and made them clear and explicit, e.g. ‘democratic market neo-communism’.


A silly but common talking point on the far right is that if Sen. Bernie Sanders and his political protégé, Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like socialism so much, they should spend time in Venezuela—a country that has been plagued by everything from food shortages to hyperinflation to appalling crime rates.

Source: Don’t believe the right-wing fear-mongering about turning into Venezuela — here’s Democratic Socialists actually want | Alternet

History and epochal transitions?

Our study of the eonic effect can help to see past the almost mythological ‘stages of production’ theory to the quite different ‘epochal’ sequence in world history…

September 26th, 2018 ·

History and epochal transitions?
March 26th, 2018 ·
The legacy of Marxism contains a rich load of potential tools but is marred by the confusions of theory that beset Marx (and Engels) and rendered their work overall a contradictory package in practice.
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Echoes of 1848

We linked to this older piece archived at redfortyeight.com today: a popular post, we repost the material here

We have arrived at the moment foretold by the revolutionaries of the year 1848

May 3rd, 2017 •

The future of the world system at the end of globalization remains tremendously uncertain, but the crisis of capitalism at a time of planetary danger summons at once its dialectical companion, the idea of communism. Continue reading Echoes of 1848

Stages of production theory? A system of epochs done right

Marx’s classic analysis of capitalism is marred by its unnecessary theoretical framework of historical periodization, e.g. …feudalism, capitalism, communism…The result is a misperception of the complexity of world history which doesn’t follow the marxist analysis as historical materialism.

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Marxist scientism, Hegel’s revenge and the question of free agency

Marxist scientism, hegel’s revenge and the question of free agency
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