Life, evolution and the clue of consciousness

We have cited the very important new evidence on mechanobiology as it casts doubt, from still another direction, on hard core darwinism.
But the question remains, beyond negative critiques of evolutionary theories, what direction might we look for a positive view? Conventional biology, including even the critics, hardly has a clue to the enigma of evolution. The reason is that it is focused on the substrate based on biochemistry. That’s the only zone science allows but it is not enough to resolve the evolution mystery which may well be so far an insoluble mystery. Continue reading Life, evolution and the clue of consciousness

Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe

The old Darwiniana had a lot of commentary on Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe which despite being a work stuck in the ‘new age’ mindset nonetheless had a very modern cast behind its peculiarities and, in the process, provided an introduction, very indirect, without even mentioning the term, of the classic Indian Samkhya.
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