Keeping the Debate Over Undeniable on Track 

No matter how hard they try the ID group will never be able to prove the existence of god using the idea of intelligent design, or simple design. It would help if they simply stopped and helped the public move beyond darwinism. The whole public paradigm is stuck between stupid darwinism and unintelligent design arguments. The case for design has been made but to bring in the term ‘intelligent’ vitiates all the work done on the subject.


I wrote Undeniable primarily for people who wonder whether God is really there — either believers who sometimes doubt their belief or doubters who sometimes doubt their doubt. These people need to know that claims on the part of scientists to have made sense of reality apart from God are badly confused. And because Darwin’s theory is the centerpiece of those claims, I made refuting his theory the centerpiece of the book.

Source: Keeping the Debate Over Undeniable on Track | Evolution News