Two Trends in the American Socialist Movement: Why We Should Throw Kautsky Out With the Bathwater | Socialist Revolution

This tiresome and arrogant marxist boilerplate shows us why the whole set of movements on the left failed. I hold no brief for Kautsky but he did record the failure of Bolshevism.

I happen to agree with this essay: we should consider the failures of social democracy. But we must examine the even worse failures of the bolshevik revolutionaries. A whole new perspective is needed.
The entire marxist theory structure is flawed.
Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ gives some suggestions. The problem is rendered insoluble by marxists in trying to follow Marx.
In fact, it is not that hard to create a viable solution.
Thus, there are two main trends in the socialist movement. There are those who fight for socialist revolution, for reforms as a means to a revolutionary end, for the complete dismantling of the capitalist state, and for the establishment of workers’ democracy and a workers’ government, which would nationalize the key levers of the economy and mobilize the working class to defend the revolution. And there are those who limit their conception of socialism to gradual improvements in social welfare through a series of piecemeal reforms, treating these as an end in themselves and remaining within the limits of the capitalist economy and state. Moreover, the reforms they demand are contingent on what is “acceptable” to the capitalists, or “realistic” within the bounds of a system based on private ownership of the means of production—not the real needs of the workers and society’s material capacity to meet those needs.

Source: Two Trends in the American Socialist Movement: Why We Should Throw Kautsky Out With the Bathwater | Socialist Revolution

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